The 76M barge and row boats

The 76M barge and row boats
Terryglass on Lough Derg in 1972 before the new harbour was built. The 76M barge is moored to the side and the Harklow, the boat owned by Douglas and Ruth Heard is in the background. The 76M was built in 1937 for the Grand Canal Company and was the last cargo boat to leave Edenderry Harbour when the decision was taken by CIÉ the transport authority to withdraw tranport from the canals. In 1965 she was sold by public auction and passed into private hands. It wasnt until the 1980's that the 76M was converted and is regularly seen on the canals, the Shannon and the Erne system.
Ruth Delany
Shannon Navigation
The Delany Photographic Collection
Terryglass, Lough Derg